If your system has a notice to disable Avira Antivirus, we hope this guide will help you.

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    In the Avira Antivirus window, click Tools > Configuration. To turn off notification tones, tap General > Sound Alerts during the setup period. Select the No Warnings policy here.

    Avira Free AntiVirus splash screens will display pop-up notifications when certain conditions are met. For example, you will see a real pop-up window in the lower upper corner of the screen when a virus is detected or when custom virus definitions are out of date. While these notifications encourage you to take action on these issues, these companies can distract you from your performance, especially if you’re using truly full-screen apps. Disabling these pop-ups will allow you to focus on your work.

    Launch Avira Free AntiVirus from the start screen or from the notification area of ​​your personal taskbar. In the main window, check the green switch next to “Real-time protection” to disable real-time scanning.

    On the menu bar of Avira Free AntiVirus, click “Advanced” and it will navigate toe to “Configuration”.

    Click General in the sidebar to access options. Click “Alerts” in the sidebar and uncheck all checkboxes associated with checkboxes. Click “OK” to apply the changes.


    This wikiHow will show you how to subscribe to most pop-ups with the free version of Avira Antivir. Always remember that you cannot turn off my daily Avira Nor Pro update reminder. Can you disable all Phantom VPN reminders that sometimes appear when connected to an insecure internet connection. Similarly, the only way to get rid of Avira pop-ups on Mac is to disable pop-ups and extra scanning in Avira settings.

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    Use Avira Settings

    How do I get rid of pop up ads in Avira Free Antivirus?

    Click the Avira icon, click the Real-time Scan panel, then click the Enabled slider to disable it.

    1. Avira Antivirus Desativar Notificação
      Avira Antivirus Désactiver La Notification
      Avira Antivirus Disattiva Notifica
      Notificación De Desactivación De Avira Antivirus
      Avira Antivirus Deaktivieren Benachrichtigung
      Антивирус Avira Отключить Уведомить
      Avira 바이러스 백신 비활성화 알림
      Avira Antivirus Melding Uitschakelen
      Avira Antivirus Wyłącz Powiadamianie
      Avira Antivirus Inaktivera Meddelande