Over the past few weeks, some of our users have encountered an error message with Dell BIOS USB Wake Support. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will review them now.

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    What is USB Wake Support? Some systems have a BIOS configuration option that communicates with USB Wake Support that can enable or disable the critical USB device that wakes the cabinet from S3 (sleep) state. If this setting is enabled, USB devices can wake up their system from S3 (example: USB duck, USB keyboard).

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    If you have a Dell laptop, such as my Inspiron 5000 17 Series, you may find that devices connected via USB, such as yours Powerful phone, do not change after switching the printer to sleep.

    I went to BIOS, DEVICE MANAGER > USB POWER, OPTIONS, etc. but I didn’t find all permissions.

    I called Dell and they previously incorrectly told support that the issue was now with my connection. In particular, devices are only charged via USB3 vents when the laptop is in sleep mode. It’s just not right.

    After an hour of fiddling, diagnosing and flashing the BIOS, we have found the current solution.

    If you want USB connected devices to charge while your computer is in bed, you need to ENABLE WAKE ON USB SUPPORT in BIOS:

    1. Turn off the laptop.
    2. Press and hold the F2 key.
    3. Press the configuration key.
      1. Keep pressing the F2 key until you see ENTER CONFIGURATION in the upper right corner of each screen
    4. Expand to one side CONTROL P BIOS > USB WAKE ON SUPPORT
    5. Click on the USB WAKE ON SUPPORT field anywhere
    6. < li>At this point, click END APPLICATION

    7. Restart your computer

    How do I enable USB Wake on Windows 10?

    Hold down the F2 key. Press the power buttons. In the BIOS, expand POWER MANAGEMENT > USB WAKE SUPPORT. Click the ENABLE USB WAKE SUPPORT checkbox.

    You should now power on ALL Dell USB ports, even if the laptop in question is in sleep mode.

    dell bios usb wake support

    The XPS 7590 lacked basic BIOS features that even the other lower-end Inspiron 7590 has. The lack of “Enable USB Wake Support” prevents waking up with the laptop’s mouse/keyboard/touchpad, and I believe this may also be the reason for these Bluetooth devices to fail after resuming from S3 standby.

    dell bios usb wake support

    Since buying the XPS 15 7590 over a year ago, I have had (and many still have) problems with continuous power saving.


    Modern sleep is terrible, although switching to S3 sleep by disabling the sleep connection in Windows 10 (https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/h0r56s/getting_back_s3_sleep_and_disabling_modern/) also causes issues and other issues. especially portable. (For comparison, I have an Inspiron 7590 that runs the S3 Sleep just fine)

    XPS Seventeen 7590 has trouble disabling sleep modeOptions for connecting and thus enabling S3 hibernation mode:

    1. Bluetooth disappears and doesn’t work after waking up

    2. Unable to activate if keyboard/mouse/tablet should be controlled by power button.< /p>

    1. For Bluetooth, the problem that disappears seems to be related to the USB Root Hub, disabling and enabling the exact “USB Root Hub” connected to the device brings the WiFi back to life (more appears in device manager). .

    A workaround for the above has been posted (https://www.reddit.com/r/Dell/comments/ge7f7v/solution_xps_15_7590_disappearing_bluetooth_after/) but it’s a shame people are resorting to it on a brand new premium laptop.

    2. Device cannot be woken from S3 sleep mode using keyboard/mouse/touchpad, apparently caused by USB not enabling wake support in XPS BIOS 7590.

    Below is a screenshot comparing the BIOS of the Inspiron 7590 and the BIOS of the XPS 7590.

    The XPS 7590’s USB Wake Support now only has a Wake on Dell USB-C Dock option, while the newer Inspiron 7590 has an option to Enable full USB Wake Support and Wake Up u S3 hibernation level works with this keyboard/touchpad.

    Why the XPS 7590 doesn’t need the correct USB Wake Support option in the BIOS

    Please, XPS 7590 users can have the correct “USB Wake Support” in the BIOS and finally do something that causes the Bluetooth device to not work after waking up.

    What Is Dell USB Wake Support?

    How do I enable Dell USB wake support?

    Turn off your laptop.Hold down the F2 key.Press the ignition button.In the BIOS, expand POWER MANAGEMENT > USB WAKE SUPPORT.Click the ENABLE USB WAKE SUPPORT checkbox.

    How do I enable USB ports on my Dell BIOS?

    The BIOS setup device will appear. On the left, select Settings > System Configuration > USB Configuration. The USB configuration may appear in the right pane. Select or clear the Enable external USB port check box to enable or disable it.

    What is USB Wake Support? On some systems, there is a BIOS setting option called “USB Wake Support” that can disable or enable the trusted USB device’s ability to wake the system from an S3 (sleep) state. If this setting is enabled, USB devices can wake up the current S3 system (e.g. USB PC, USB keyboard).

    How To Disable I Computrace In Dell BIOS?

    Because you’re having trouble using your computer mouse, select the Security option from the main BIOS menu to use the arrow keys. Here one will see three variants of Computrace. The Disabled option is probably already selected.

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