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    You should check out these remediation tips if you encounter the Event ID 467 database corruption error message on your computer.

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    Event ID 467
    Source ESE
    Description () Index of level is corrupted ().
    Event Information According to Microsoft:
    The checklist for a table in the Exchange storage database is corrupted. The secondary index is usually corrupted.
    The index is corrupted in the Exchange Information Store database. This is called reasonable bribery. Three levels of corruption can occur in an Exchange storage database:
    (1) page level (file system), (2) database level (JET database engine), and (3) application level (Exchange storage database). The most typical logical corruption occurs at this database level. For example, a database location error can cause index entries to refer to orphaned values ​​in the database. Logical corruption can also be injected at the application level, such as in mailboxes, messages, folders, and content. Corruption at the application level can lead to inaccuratereference counts, invalid access control lists (ACLs), a message header without a large message body, and so on. ese event ID 467 is a logical corruption in the JET database engine. An Exchange-compatible online backup of the Store Exchange database will not fully reveal this corruption. This level of corruption only indicates that any type of database location is hit by a jet engine and this shows up in the application log as event log id 447). Microsoft Exchange Information Store service access with Microsoft Exchange Information Store service crashing daily, relevant for logical corruption.
    In some cases, the cause is not obvious and cannot be determined. Look carefully at the application logs along with the system logs for related special events to get more information about possible causes. It is also useful when you may need to detect other types of problems in the database.
    NOTE. This level of file corruption error cannot be repaired with the l’Isinteg utility alone. LogicThis corruption can occur in the Exchange Store or Engine database. Since scan corruption can seriously damage family data, misunderstandings in the exchange storage database and/or database engine should not be ignored. You can help ISINTEG troubleshoot the ESEUTIL database of the Exchange store or troubleshoot and troubleshoot the powerful database. ESE Event ID shows 447 Database level analytics corruption; For this reason, Isinteg is not sufficient to solve the problem.
    If the actual corruption in the database is indeed limited to the index page, the checksum on the page may be completely correct and the data may still be corrupted. If the damaged page is limited to every page of the index sheet, it can often be repaired using a well-known defragmentation tool (Eseutil /d). In some cases, you can move all forum mailboxes using Mailbox Move Cleanup or ExMerge. You can then create an empty Exchange store database and move the mailboxes to a normally clean database.the Exchange store database.
    However, if there are any corruption errors in the database or database side, this will add a criminal indexing site, and it is not enough to use eseutil /d. There may be times when, as a last resort, you need to restore the database with eseutil /p, in this case with Isinteg -fix. In this case, after running eseutil /p and Isinteg -fix, you must use ExMerge to rebuild the database before rebuilding the database. Once you do this, trade online immediately to expand your database.