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    If you are getting the Fog error code pxelinux.0 not found on your computer, then you should check out these troubleshooting methods.

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  • VOG version 1: .3.5
  • Operating system: CentOS 7.
  • Client

  • Service version:
  • Operating system:
  • Description

    fog pxelinux.0 not found

    Hello Team

    I’m new to the FOG world and want to do a POC to see if it works for a small business. The software looks great, but I can’t take a picture from my PC on the go.

    Every time I PXE boot I get the exact error message:

    I literally followed the Centos instructions and used the dnsmasq solution with the same skill. I found other pages discussing the need:

    chown -R fog: root /tftpboot

    fog pxelinux.0 not found

    Sorryyup, not available. Now, it should be noted that I’m trying to look at a picture of a VMWare (Workstation 12 Pro) box, and that might make sense on its own. I’m going to try a physical exam tomorrow morning. Tried some of the things listed here, nothing. The firewall can be disabled for testing.

    Speed up your computer in minutes

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    I feel like I can’t help but feel a unique issue with simple permissions, but I can’t track it down completely. Suggestions?