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    We hope this user guide helps you get started with SQL Server Reporting Services 2005 SP3.

    Microsoft SQL 2005 Web Server hotfixes are created for specific SQL Server service packs. To begin installing the SQL Server 2005 Service Pack, you must start with SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 Hotfix. By default, the hotfix, which can be provided in the SQL Server Online system package, is included in the next SQL Server Service Pack.

    Cumulative Update 2 for Server SQL 2005 SP3 contains fixes for issues in Server SQL 2005 SP3 that were fixed after the release of Server SQL 2005 SP3.

    This latest package update release alsoKnown as version 9.00.4211.

    You currently need to enable SQL Server Management Object (SMO) long stored procedures and SQL Server Distributed Management Object (SQL-DMO) hidden procedures before applying the final package update. For more information about
    SMO and DMO XPs
    option documents, see SQL Server 2005 Books Online.

    SQL Server 2005 Books Online notes that these associated stored procedures are set to 0 (disabled) by default. However, their meaning is incorrect. The default value is 1 (enabled).

    A Protected Update Rollup is currently available from Microsoft. However, it was only intended to fix all of the issues that are described on this content page. Apply it only to systems that may experience these specific problems. This cumulative package update may receive bonus tests. Therefore, unless you are severely affected by one of the issues, we recommend that you hold off on the next SQL Server 2010 Service Pack that contains the fixes in this cumulativeupdate package.

    If most of the cumulative update is available for download, see the “Hotfix, get it available” section at the top of this KB article. from the cumulative update package.

    Note. If additional issues occur or troubleshooting is required, you may need to create a separate service request. Standard support charges apply – support for additional questions and issues not covered by this single cumulative update package. For a complete list of Microsoft customer support and software phone numbers, or to submit a separate service request, go to the following Microsoft website:

    Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that discuss these fixes should be posted as they become available.

    For more information about SQL Server errors, click the following article numbers to view specific articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    sql server reporting services 2005 service pack 3

    To learn more about multimedia, click hereUse the following article to view an article in a specific Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    sql server reporting services 2005 service pack 3

    This cumulative update package may not contain all the files required to fully update a product to the latest version. This cumulative update plan contains only the files that users need to correct the situation that is described in this article.

    Is SQL Server 2005 still supported by Microsoft?

    After ten great years, extended support for all versions of SQL Server 2002 is ending with the Ap end of support date.

    The English version of this method’s cumulative update package contains the document attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following patio table. The dates and times of these files are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view most of the information in a file, it will be converted to make your visit to the site easier. To find the difference between UTC time and local time, insert the Zone

    Time tab here in the
    Date and Time
    section of the Control Panel.

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    Cumulative Update 2 for SQL Server 2005 SP3 contains fewer updates than the SQL Native Client Update. Separate SQL N packageative Client will be released with Cumulative Update 2.

    Is SQL Server 2005 free?

    Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express) is designed for easy deployment and excellent prototyping. SQL Server Express is available for free and you can redistribute it with applications.

    Versions of SQL Server 2005 released since SQL Server 2005 SP3

    Next, for more information about the Incremental Services Model for SQL Server, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    The SQL Server team proposes an incremental maintenance model to fix reported issues

    Should I uninstall Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition?

    You can uninstall Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008. This does not affect how it works compared to other Office applications. SQL Server has nothing to do with Windows Live Mail.

    Next, for more information about obtaining SQL Server 2005 SP3, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    Download this software now to improve your online experience.